Friday, July 27, 2007

Give your blood and get a free awarded meal

Every summer, the Blood Donation Establishment (EFS) has to find new donors.
For the second year and in partnership with “La Table Ronde Francaise”, they organize “gourmet” collect.
Usually after each donation, the donor gets a yogurt or a fruit but this time it’s different. The association gathered famous Chefs from Parisian palace hotels or restaurants to cook for them. You go there, give your blood and you get free awarded food.
It takes place Place de la Bastille from 1pm to 7pm until 29th July.

Source: Rogodoun


Rob said...

Thank you for using my photo with this article!

°~*Le Quartier*~° said...

Your photos are beautiful, than you so much for letting them be public!

Rob said...

Thank you! Use as many as you like and please spread the word!