Thursday, July 26, 2007

How to be a perfect Parisian girl in few lessons

Aah the Parisian girl…stylish, sexy, and snobbish but God, I would love to look even a little bit like her! Even Parisian girls want to look like a Parisian girl!
Here is your solution: a guide to look like a perfect Parisian girl!
How to describe her? Her style is less eccentric than the Brit, not as glamorous as the Italians.
No need to be from the French capital, just read and learn few codes and you’ll be ready to rock on the Champs-Elysees!
A big soft bag
A real large bag, no brand advertised on it, convenient and stylish. Make sure you get it in a dark colour (brown or black) so it would fit for any season and any fashion.
By large I mean: you should be able to fit at least 5 pairs of shoes in it (that’s the number of shoes you SHOULD have in your Parisian bag anyway….What? You never know).
Flat sophisticated pair of sandals
Heat doesn’t mean that you should neglected yourself, you little vagrant! And don’t even think wearing one of these Havaianas flip-flop, too much seen and too much plastic.
The hot shoe should be wore on day or night times. It must be ultra-flat, monochrome and sober.
It hurts between the big toe and the middle toe? Don’t you know the phrase “You have to suffer to be beautiful”?
Designer Shades
XXL shades are the must-have for summer time or even winter time. No need sunshine to wear them; it’s a state of mind.
The cheap ones got broken all the time so you should decide once and for all to invest in some expensive but long-lasting shades.
Make sure you pick-up the 70’s model. You can decide to show or hide any expression.
A nude manicure
The nail should be short, shiny and dressed with a natural colour nail varnish. The French manicure is out and the claw-like finger nails too and no, the intense red is for teen-punkette for a middle-age person like you.
Lucky you, this manicure is the easiest one! You wouldn’t even have to pay 30€ to get one, since you will be able to do it at home.
But don’t forget, no matter if you are in a hurry or not, wearing nail varnish is essential!
Borrow your man’s clothes
It’s a Parisian must-have but be careful because the border between feminine and tom-boy is thin and the perfect Parisian girl doesn’t want to look like a guy!
Try a broad white shirt, a pull-over with a V collar or a large black trouser which would make people think you are so close with your man, that you can wear the same clothes. We all know it’s impossible!
An XXL costume jewellery
VPC is out in the costume jewellery world! Fashion is environment-concerned and eco-friendly so should you be. You have a commonplace look? No worries, any of the following would make you look glamorous; even you wouldn’t think it’s possible! Examples: a huge white pearl necklace, ethnic earrings as big as your cell phone or a large pink fur ring.
Old school sneakers
Subway, work, bicycle and co, on high heels? No kidding! The Converse is hype and needs to be wore under a slim jeans which would look like it’s made only for that.
Even Louis Vuitton designs these retro-sneakers. You wouldn’t want to ignore what Louis Vuitton does, right?

Sources: Alain Bachellier and here too


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Anonymous said...

i disagree with a lot of this, a furry pink ring?? and french manicures are never out, they are simple, no one wants a dull off white manicure.
and sneakers? highly unlikely to find a fashionably parasian wearing converse.

and besides, Parisians prefer a little amount of great clothes than a lot of crap clothes.

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