Monday, March 9, 2009

Travel Guide and other books

This could be a new rubric where note-worthy travel guides and other books about Paris are presented.

I like to kick off this new installment with a series of travel guides that has nothing to do with Paris but are jewels, the kind you only come across once every couple of years.
It's a travel Guide, but not as we know it!

There should be a warning on the website and on the book cover saying something along the line "Do not eat nor drink while reading" because you will snort it trough your nose and way beyond the book or computer screen. Prepare the floor as well because you will be rolling on it holding your stomach. That's why i don't recommend bringing them on your travel, you will attracted unwanted attention from airport or other authorities when you're laughing so loud.
This is the most hilarious I have seen or read in a while and I have just been visiting the the Monty Python Youtube channel and have a life time subscription at Margaret and Helen blog.
And this effect is only from reading the webpages.

There are 3 titles in print to date:
Molvania a land untouched by modern dentistry. According to the FAQ Molvania is a small, land-locked republic in eastern Europe, famous as the birthplace of whooping cough. Molvania also produces 83% of the world's beetroot.
San Sombrero : "the most exciting travel destinations in all of Central America. Whilst small, this action-and-attraction-packed country draws thousands of visitors each year, lured by its tropical charms, exotic lifestyle and lack of extradition treaties with the Western world."

Phaic Tan : "For too long now Phaic Tan has been closed off from the outside world, a country visited each year by just a handful of hardy travellers, aid agency workers and hostage negotiators. But now, thanks to this fully up-dated Jetlag guide, everything you need to know about planning a trip to Phaic Tan, birthplace of the trouser press and irritable bowel syndrome, is here."

The guides by Jetlag Travel are an absolute must read for the well-traveled been-there-seen-it-all, the adventurous, and those who need a good laugh.
I'm looking forward to the upcoming titles: Arduous Walks, the guide that doubles as uncomfortable pillow; Travel for Seniors with the best tips on how to lodge a complaint, and a list with the 50 most likely places you left your reading glasses.
Hopefully by the time my ordered books arrive my abs stopped hurting.


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