Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Paris Fashion Week March 4-12

Those of you who want to know, are probably long time aware of these dates. So this is intended to inform the unaware and those who don't care.
It's almost Fashion week in Paris. The time of the year to forcefeed the public pictures and video footage of unhealthy and unhappily looking models sporting the latest creations of the creators.

Hopefully the creators decide for coming winter season 2009-2010 to let go of these low waste-line pants. They hardly look good on a skinny person with dangerously low BMI. Beside they are as uncomfortable to wear as they look really bad on 95% of the population.

Ready-to Wear Fall-Winter 2009 2010: March 4th to 12th, 2009
See here for the complete program:

And let me ask just this one thing and then i'm done ranting: How come the mouthpieces of the kings and queens of style do not have stylish websites? Look at the above official website. It has not changed nor improved since a couple of fashion seasons! Then there are other search results on Paris Fashion Week that don't update, they're stuck in last seasons info. If we update our wardrobes with the frequency they update their websites... Luckily there are some exceptions such as our colleague blogger Kamel and his "Style and the City" blog.
For the real deal and enjoyable reads about fashion, head over fast to Style and the City



Thank you Sonia for the quote

do you speak french ?

i'll be glad to know you and exchange links

i just added 10 new pics from the Paris fashion week
let me know what you think about my photo coverage and philosophy



Sonia said...

love your funkiness Kamel (-:
And yes i do speak and write French but after a week in Amsterdam (with it's own style) i have a hard time readjusting to French, maybe tomorrow it will be better!