Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Soldes- Summer Sale

I had this feeling while waking up later as usual that something was wrong. And it hit me while flipping trough off-line media: I missed the Soldes! They start today June 25 and will end August 2nd. Okay I still have a couple of weeks for my bargain hunt. But everybody (the shopping experts) knows that the best bargains are made early on the first day when the shops open at 8 AM.

There are different "schools" like :
If you want designer stuff it's in the beginning of the sales.
For the basic and utilitarian stuff you can wait till the second Saturday (July 5)
For those on small budgets or who don't know what they want or to try out something completely unworldly for you, you can wait till the end when they add another chunk of price reduction on the left overs.

If you belong to those who know what they want and are hunting for designer stuff, soldes experts will tell you to prepare:

Do your "repérage the checking out before the sale where what to buy, try on the right size. (no your feet won't shrink a bit with summer heat)
Write it all down and bring your notes with you.
(Bring also the sizes of the people you want to buy gifts for)
Note that shops do not change or refund what you bought on sale in the wrong size...

Decide on your budget and stick to it, because your credit card limit is not as extensible as your waistline. And you don't want to receive nasty phone calls from your banker when you're showing off your bargains at the Paris-Plage.

Wear comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water to avoid collapsing from dehydration, unless it's a trick to get that last widget in your size and color.

Now you got everything right I wish you Happy Shopping while I'll sip my 2nd soy-latte and flip trough the magazines dreaming of what i won't buy this season.

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