Monday, June 23, 2008

Blog of the Week: Paris Urban Adventures

Not really a blog but a website with an ever changing content of Urban Adventures in Paris you can participate in.
Like the last 2 before summer break.
June 27 : Ladies Naughty Paris Walk (for ladies only). If you always wanted to know what's behind the façades of Pigalle but are to shy to find out by yourself. Then this is the opportunity to discover and rate. The findings of this test group will be published.
Should the results be disappointing then it's good to know that there's always Dollhouse in the Marais catering to the needs of women or by good old mailorder from the clean and political correct Good Vibrations

June 28: The Adventure of Arts and Letters. A sort treasure hunt in the world of French Culture with a big C. Test your culture and have fun.

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