Friday, January 11, 2008

Funny ads about France going smoke-free

"- Hahahha this party was awesome!
- You are too loud, we are going to get busted by the whole neighborhood!"

(This translation isn't good enough to me so if you guys have another idea, please leave a comment.)

You probably know that France went smoke-free on January 2nd 2008. Well, obviously it doesn't make everyone happy but that's the way it is. From now on, you can not smoke in bar, clubs, cafes and restaurants.

"- You too have been dumped?
- Yeah ... even though I was close to the ashtray."

So smokers have to go outside to have a cigarette, which is delicate because 20 people smoking outside makes some noise and sometimes they throw away their cigarette butts in the street, which polluate. And they are not allowed to take their drinks out.
So the city of Paris came out with several ads that are worth to have a look at.

"- So are you coming?
- Forget it, I'm not allowed to go out with you"

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