Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Erotism in Parisian Metro

You have probably heard of the expo going on at the Bibliotheque Francais Mitterand, called Enfer. A huge X appears on one of the towers every night. The expo is about erotism (soft, don't worry) in general.

The great and very unique thing is that they did a "happening" in one of the Parisian metro station!
On line 10, between Mabillon and Sevres Babylone, there is a closed station called Croix-Rouge. This station has been closed since 1939 and there is no way to get there except by train! There are black curtains all along the platform that gently undulate to let you catch a glimpse of what you can see at the expo: nude artistic women...

Via Hotels Paris Rive Gauche

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