Friday, December 7, 2007

Take kids out for free in Paris

It's almost Christmas time and the city of Paris looks like a living tale.
If you are looking for a nice place to take your kids out in Paris, you could go to these free carrousel with wooden horses.
There is one in almost each arrondissement in Paris and yes it's free (again)!:)

3e arrondissement 4e arrondissement
Square du Temple Place de l'Hôtel de ville

5e arrondissement 6e arrondissement
Bordure square Saint Médard Place de l’Odéon

7e arrondissement 8e arrondissement
Place Joffre Place de la Madeleine

9e arrondissement 10e arrondissement
Place Lino Ventura Square Alban Satragne

11e arrondissement 12e arrondissement
Place Léon Blum Avenue Daumesnil

13e arrondissement 14e arrondissement
Place d'Italie Angle rue Didot

15e arrondissement 16e arrondissement
Place Raoul Dautry Place du Trocadéro

17e arrondissement 18e arrondissement
Place Docteur Félix Lobligeois Square Louise Michels

19e arrondissement 20e arrondissement
place Armand-Carrel Place Gambetta

Thanks to andy castro for the great shot.