Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tango in Paris

Remember my previous post about Tango?

France first discovered the lush sounds, sensual moves and emotion-charged impact of the tango in 1906 and instantly took to the dance...

One hundred years later, the French are still tango-crazy. The Paris Banlieues Tango Festival has focused for the past decade on unveiling the multiple facets of tango, its international influences and current trends and inspiration to audiences composed of tango aficionados as well as the merely curious. The multi-disciplinary festival will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in style with a comprehensive programme of events. Concerts, dances, dance and singing workshops, exhibitions, readings and food fiestas attended by a number of guests from all over the world will be held in various locations in Paris and around over a two-month period. Isn’t it time for your first tango in Paris?


The stunning photo is from monvlad.

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