Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Restaurant Jules Verne Re-opening

The so-famous restaurant Jules Verne, on the 2nd floor on the Eiffel Tower (I let you imagine the amazing view!) will reopen on December 2007 after a closure for refurbishment and renovations.
The new menus proposed are: 75€ for lunch and from 155€ to 190€ for diner (hu!).
You can start booking the restaurant, the reservations have been opened since October 15th.

The not-less-famous French chef Alain Ducasse is now the chef of the restaurant and bought it also - since Janaruary 2007.
For those of you who want to know more about him, it's HERE. Mr. Ducasse is a award-winning worldwide chef, known in the whole world, owns few restaurants and is probably one of the most famous chefs.

Let's see what the Chef came up with that time!
Bon Appetit!

Thanks to marekbz for the great shot.
Via Le Blog Luxe


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