Monday, October 29, 2007

How to ride a bike in Paris

With Vélib' and all the cycle installations, the Parisian become more and more "bicycle users" (see previous post "Paris Goes Green"). The city of Paris, in partnership with associations, organizes from November 8th to December 15th, some meetings to help you getting familiarized to ride your bike in the city.

You don't need a driving license to run a bike and for the past months we have seen some people getting a ticket because they didn't respect the highway code.

Two modules are available, the first one is free and the second costs about 2.50€ (insurance fee).
-> You get to know the highway code and all the basics. Group up to 25 persons.
-> You find yourself in real situations: in traffic, how to behave with drivers ...

Don't forget to bring your bike!
The schedule for the training(french)

Thanks to Van Felt for the shot.

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