Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A World Tour of Massage in Paris

Without leaving Paris, you will able to enjoy all the types of massages from the Thai one to the Indian one.
Let us take you to this world tour of massages in Paris…

Chinese massage with golden glitters
In a very fine and relaxing environment, the chi-yang massage focus on acupuncture points such as foot, hand, calf…and energetic manipulations of your back, neck, legs and stomach. A subtle mix of essential oils and golden glitters 22 carats will stimulate your cells…
Z. Spa - 45 bis, rue des Acacias, Paris 17
Thai massage
You leave your high-heel shoes for comfortable flip-flop ones, someone gives you a traditional Thai bathrobe and you suddenly feel in a different country. The masseuses are from the famous Thai massage school Wat Po, in Bangkok. Your next idea when you leave this place is: when is my next appointment?
Spa Harnn & Thann - 11, rue Molière, Paris 01
Indian face treatment
The Mukha treatment promises you to relax your body and soul. This massage helps you to chase away your tenseness and to tone up your skin dispensed by Indian masseuses.
Maxam - 34 bis, rue Vignon, Paris 09
Japanese shiatsu
This place is very much appreciated by Sophia Coppola. In a grey room, you lay down on a futon. Yoshi, the very talented masseur, find your knot muscles and make them all smooth. Be careful because you are going to get very addicted to it.
Appartement 217 - 217, rue Saint-Honoré, Paris 01
Singaporean massage with four teas
Here, the master is the tea to drink before, during and after. The gestures are closer to a shiatsu than an oriental massage. One hour in heaven…
Thémaé - 20-22, rue Croix-des-Petits-Champs, Paris 01
Californian massage
This place is a unique and spacious retreat, full of refinement and chic. Nestled in the historical heart of Paris, this former wine and spirit storehouse with a 400 m2 surface area carries the magnificent legacy of medieval stone.
Make sure you book Julien, he will make you forget all your stress.
Spa Nuxe - 32, rue Montorgueil, Paris 01

Source, HERE (in french)

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