Monday, August 6, 2007

The Popularity of Louis Vuitton Bags

The modern day handbag is more than just a functional piece that helps us carry necessary items; handbags are the modern accessory of the moment, gracing the red carpet in designer variations that spur the masses to run for their nearest high-end department store. The Louis Vuitton handbag is one such luxury product that enthusiasts clamor to own.

The birthplace of Louis Vuitton the man and the design house is France. Known initially as a luggage trunk manufacturer, Louis Vuitton soon began designing luxury luggage in late-1800s Paris. The company instantly took hold with consumers who were attracted to high-end products. What set the company apart from its competitors was an unrivaled dedication to quality.
However, in 1896 the very thing that would elevate the Louis Vuitton handbag to stardom began from a simple idea to prevent counterfeiting. In an effort to stop would-be knock-offs of the Louis Vuitton handbag, Georges Vuitton instituted the logo that would skyrocket the brand to stardom.

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Di Overton said...

I will never forget the big hoarding outside the Louis Vuitton shop in Paris - the giant LV Case - fabulous.

°~*Le Quartier*~° said...

True, it was enormous! They really know how to use their so-famous "malle"!
Thank you so much for your comment.