Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy BlogDay2007 to Everyone!!! Yeah!!

Blog Day 2007
Today it's the 3rd edition of the BlogDay2007!

Basically you find 5 blogs you like and spread the world about them....the aim is to make people discover new blogs and subjects they might didn't think of. So here is my selection:

Ruyi Book Travel -> A blog from a new portal called Ruyi. They give tips and places to go about Paris. If you want to improve your "Parisian knowledge", that's where you must go. Quite net!

U Handbag -> Lisa teaches you how to make your own handbag...and they are soooo cute.

Designers Block -> Di is one of these people that keep findind very special and unique stuff...all related to design

Jakarta Daily Photo -> One photo a day, and they are all about Jakarta - Indonesia

Les Explorers -> A very creative and interesting blog about travel and web 2.0: interviews, news, websites...

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