Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Two Days in Paris

Two Days in Paris, a great new comedy about the culture clash when an American discovers the French. The film is a treat because, for once, the joke is on both sides. Julie Delpy, the Parisian actress, wrote, directed and stars in the film. She uses her knowledge from 15 years living in the US to nail the clichés and mock the misunderstandings between French and Americans.
Delpy plays Marion, a New-York based French photographer who brings her partner Jack, an interior designer (Adam Goldberg), to visit her Parisian family.
The taxi drivers are rude and racist. Jack, who is too frightened of terrorists to take the Metro train, gets to the front of a taxi queue by deliberately misdirecting a group of fat Americans. They are going to the Louvre for "the Da Vinci Code tour" but spend the next 24 hours wandering lost around Paris.


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