Wednesday, December 17, 2008

French Issues with Health

"On the metro, disease hangs thickly in the warm air, and people eye one another warily, sizing up which passenger is likely to be carrying the plague before choosing their seat"

Funny article from BBC correspondent Emma Jane Kirby on French health complaints.

You can learn about a French disease of Heavy Legs "jambes lourdes". I didn't know that was typically French. On the German TV they have quiet a lot of commercials for that condition too. Emma didn't mention about another disease no other nationality can have and that's the famous "Crise de Foie" in other words a liver crises. Let me tell you, with the limited knowledge i have from TCM studies, that you won't be there telling anyone who want or don't want to hear about a Crise de Foie if you had one. You would be in intensive care waiting for a donor.
Crise de Foie is just an elegant way to say you have a hangover from too much wine and/or indigestion of too much and/or too fat food. A disease typically spreading fast at the end of the year, around Christmas.
After the heavy Christmas meal a walk around the block, park or other outdoor facilities is just what the doctor ordered!

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