Tuesday, November 11, 2008

World Music in Paris: Nov 23

This release comes fresh from my network newswire and because it's interestingly different from mainstream I like to share it with you:

by NAAD Trio

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 23rd 2008 at 4:30 pm
followed by a drink

Shivkumar (vocal ), Guillaume Barraud (flûte bansouri) and Mewan (tabla), have united their talent to offer you a devotional music from the pure tradition from North India.

In the “raags”, the trio exposes a multitude of aspects of Hindustani music and brings the audience in a superb journey.
The number of places being limited thank you of having the kindness to confirm your presence by email or phone :
Participation : 15€ (non member) or 10€ for the members for the association and students.
Place : Paris XVII, Métro Ternes / Tel : 01 40 54 86 57-06 15 23 89 32 Email : voirautrement@free.fr
For more informations on NAAD, see the following link: www.myspace.com/naadtrio

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Sonia said...

unofficial review from a prominent network:
K: The Indian Music thing is a world tour. They played in HongKong on Nov 1st.
S: cool! did you see them?
K: no, i had already bought tickets for a piano recital for that same night a couple of months ago. didn't know they were playing in HK. a friend went. he was seriously impressed.