Monday, November 3, 2008

Blog of the week: Black Paris

Found these web sites some weeks ago and wanted to post this after the election, but I can't wait any longer. Hope it helps to ease the waiting for the results.
Your Black Paris Portal: with pages called Paris Living and Soul on the Seine. With events, quick guide, music, fashion, Paris living etc. In a new fresh look.
A serious resource that any color traveler can enjoy.
"Voyageur Noir connection is the bridge that links all cultural backgrounds to black Parisians.
Your host will take you to the best boutiques, showrooms and markets for your shopping pleasures. When it comes to indulging in truly authentic French meals, you'll enjoy the best restaurants that Paris has to offer. But wait, it gets better, you'll also discover the hip music and art scene along with soirees at the home of who's who in Black Paris."
"explore Black Paris of Yesterday and Today. More than just names and dates, my tour is unique in that I provide my guests with a Paris orientation so you can get your bearings as quickly as possible and get up to speed on the French "cultural cues". You'll also learn how to navigate the city's metro and bus system, find the best places to change money, the best restaurants, the best local festivals and markets, museums, night clubs, and day trips into the French countryside."
Not specific Paris but travel resources for wander women

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