Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sneakers in Paris

It is said that tourists should not wear sneakers in Paris as not to be so obviously tourists. But on what are you going to walk all these kilometers visiting the city? Even if you go by metro you still will be walking a lot. Better prepare yourself as if you'll be running the New York City Marathon. It's hard to enjoy the city with blisters from walking on your high heel fashionable shoes. You'll get in bad mood, won't enjoy that much and will get fuzzy with the few helpful Parisians.
Of course some very high profile places (nightclubs) won't let you in with sneakers unless it's a one of the exclusive pairs, you paid a small fortune for because some celeb has sport them before you.

Here's how you can wear sneakers in style and don't miss out on comfort:

100 years of history and still going stronger. The French love them, maybe because of May '68, who knows. You can get them in lots of places. It would make a real style statement if you have your own personalised pair.

The Art Company holds the name for a reason: they make creative footwear and incite others to get creative too. With a window shop contest. No, you can't win a price as best window shopper but the shop owner who has made the best window display can, and you can see who is participating:

Makes Fair Trade sneakers
Now you can run your heart out knowing that no one has come to harm making these sneakers for you. Get your peace of mind at:
Palais de Tokyo, avenue du Président Wilson, 16e
Killiwatch, 64 rue Etienne Marcel, 2e
Le Refuge, 44 rue Saint-Placide, 6e
Le Bon Marché, 24 rue de Sèvre, 7e
Le Printemps de l'Homme, 64 boulevard Haussmann, 9e

British Knight
The originality about this brand's website is that you can submit your story and picture and makes the consumer provider of content.

Send us your Paris-on-Sneakers impressions!

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