Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Guinguette: the anti-raindance

If you feel like going out of Paris in between the rainy spells, then why not go for a nostalgic trip to a Guinguette. Just 16 km south of Paris you can dance at the Seine riverside to the tunes of accordion music, enjoy a slice or two of the Auvergnate cuisine. So typical Parisian and yet a different world that is was almost forgotten until it was rediscovered as something hot and trendy. Maybe all the dancing and good food can not make the rain go away. But it will guaranteed get your spirits up and get you in shape for your summer slimsuit!

Every sunday in June: déjeuner Dansant with Guy Letur

La Guinguette Auvergnate
19 av de Choicy
94190 Villeneuve St Georges

How to get there:
by RER: Ligne D stop Villeneuve Triage
By bus: Take the bus 182 at the Porte de Choisy and stop at the terminus : Gare de Triage.

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eac said...

Nice play on words in the title...makes you want to dance.