Monday, April 28, 2008

2CV expo show

To celebrate the 60 years of the Citroën 2CV , La Cité des Sciences has made this fabulous expo-show. Where you can see the history of the car, in all it's splendor.
show opened April 15 and can be admired until November 30, 2008.
On the website you can customise and send funny E-cards. But the English version doesn't seem to work...
On May 25 there's a gathering of 2CVs outside in the Parc de la Vilette from 11 am on2C. At 3pm the association Bombeiro takes up the challenge to take a 2CV apart, passes the pieces through a hole in a wall and on the other side they will build it together again and drive with it, within 1 hour time ...
Great design in all its simplicity!
For this outside event the entrance is free.

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eac said...

2CV love - will you be driving your 2CV to Paris for the May gathering? Neat article...thx for post.