Friday, March 14, 2008

Blog of the Week: Ivy Gallery

Ivy Paris started as an exposition held by 5 artists back in 2004 and is still alive and kicking bringing us cultural news, in English, from the underground in their Paris artist network blog.

The gallery is at  25 Keller gallery, Bastille, Paris

2 comments: - Street style & romance in Paris said...


I just discovered your blog and i find it great !
even if i don't understand everything i feel how passionate and pro you are

I just quited the press industry to create 3 months ago a blog that shows Paris through street style and fashion week photo romances. It's a new way for me to humanize fashion.
I hope you'll like as much as people already like it.

As i need feed back from all over countries and culture to improve my work, I'll be glad to have your opinion and why not share links to share our work and because i am sure that you share my vision : fashion is for sheep, whereas style gives personality !
For street style photo romances translated in english, clic the "in english" section

ps : if you need some of my photos, I'll be pleased to help you.
and if you like my work, i'll be glad to exchange links

Best regards

street style romancer in Paris

* Sonia's Paris Diary * said...

Thank you my dear Kamel!
You're next up for the "Blog of the Week".
How does that sound good to you (:

kindest wishes