Friday, January 18, 2008

Vintage French School Soap

People who have never been to French schools and are younger than 20 years old, don't know what I'm about to talk about: the vintage soaps we had at school.
I'm sure they look vintage and cool to you but it was every child's nightmare!

What is it exactly? The soap is stuck in a stick so it can't be removed (and therefore stolen) and it's big enough to last a loooonnnggg time (yeah they have tight budget).

But the thing is the soap did everything but wash your hands, I guess it was just bad quality soap. The other thing was that the soap didn't stay on the stick but rolled around it so you could grap the amount needed.
A real pain!
But yeah it doesn't look vintage and kind of cool!

Oh and if anyone knows how to call it in French, it would be such a relief for me:)

Can be bought on this site.

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