Friday, January 4, 2008

Le Quartier Bastille - Stolen Glamour

The beautiful British magazine X2 did us the honour by visiting Le Quartier Bastille Le Faubourg.

Here is what they say about the hotel: Le Quartier Bastille is a "delightful, unpretentious little hotel (...) with numerous touches that add comfort and tell the guest that this is an individual and much-loved establishment - not an experience too often found at £50 per person in a major European city".

Every hotel room has a green apple on the pillow. Here is the explanation given by Franck Altruie, director of LGH Hotels:

The inspiration comes "First of all colour (...) we wanted to add something 'live'. Then there was the symbolism of the apple as the fruit of temptation, so they add a touch of stolen glamour, especially on the pillow, and also they are healthy and natural."

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