Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tout sur le Beaujolais Nouveau

"Beaujolais Nouveau!! Beaujolais Nouveau!!"
That's what you are going to hear in bars on November 15th!

Remember my last post about the Soirée Champagne at Le General Hotel?

Here are interesting facts about this Beaujolais Nouveau:

- The Beaujolais Nouveau is always released on the month of November, the third Thursday. It's a rule. Every French person (and not only them) knows that since their birth.
- Beaujolais Nouveau is made from the Gamay Noir grape, known as Gamay. The grapes must come from the Beaujolais AOC. By law, all grapes in the region must be harvested by hand.
- Beaujolais had always made a vin de l'année to celebrate the end of the harvest. On November 13th 1951, the Union Interprofessionnelle des Vins du Beaujolais formally set the November 15thto be the official release date.
- The years change but the wine stays about the same. I mean, it is a purple-pink wine that is particularly lightweight, little tannins, fruity-bananas-pear tastes. Every year the same.
- The critics say it's a light wine, immature, same taste every year (and it doesn't taste good)... basically it's a marketing product only. Exemple.
- Duboeuf stays the "king" in producing the wine and sending it abroad. They have a cool website, with a countdown until the release.
- The Beaujolais Nouveau is also an opportunity to party, wether you do it in honor of French culture or just to have fun! This website, helps you find the coolest Beaujolais Nouveau's party in your area.

If you want to share your opinion about this wine. Go ahead!:)