Friday, October 5, 2007

Best Jazz Clubs in Paris

There is really a lot of things to do in Paris, it's likely you will find something to do on Friday or Saturday nights, but if unfortunately you suffer from a lack of inspirations, here are some places to hang out if you want to hear cool jazz music!

Caveau de la Huchette-> That's the jazz club which has seen all the jazz stars since its opening in 1947. Historical rendez-vous for all the New Orleans lovers. It's a place where you can listen to jazz music, have a drink and dance until the sun comes up.
New Morning-> Beyond the solid, plain steel doors that mark the entrance to the club, the devotees can expect two hours of solid, pure music - no food is served here, hardly even any booze - that most nights pack up shop by around 12.30am, just in time for the satiated crowd to make the last metro home.
Video of Allan Holdsworth @ the New Morning
Duc des Lombards-> Comfortable and appealing, this low-key jazz club replaced an older club 10 years ago. Performances begin nightly at 9pm and continue (with breaks) for 5 hours, touching on everything from free jazz to more traditional forms like hard bop.
Les 7 Lézards-> A club to go to if you haven't yet! On the ground floor, a place to eat soberly but of quality and downstairs in the basement, the music warms up the free minds!
Le Baiser Salé-> This club doesn't forget jazz is from mixed cultures and musics. Here, the musicians are free to try new sounds or even invent a new jazz style. The bar needs to be mentionned too, opened from 5.30pm until 6am, that's where all the insomniacs hang out once all the bars are closed.

A jazz band improvising in the streets of Paris
Did I forget your favorite jazz club? Please, leave a comment!

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