Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tektonik Dance To Go!

A new French phenomenon is getting some media coverage these days...TEKTONIK! If you guys think I'm talking about plates tectonics, you are as lost as I were.
Don't worry and don't feel like you were 90 years old, we all feel old compare to these kids!

So Tektonik is a dance; here is a little bit of history...
Everything started at the French club Metropolis. Dance and hardtech musics were coming to France - few years ago- , and a small community of people started liking it. Remember people with their dummies and their platform shoes? Oh yes!
Then, like many trends, it became more and more popular; from being danced in a club, the phenomenon went to the streets and now to medias.

If you go to clubs in France, you are going to see a lot of guys dancing like that. Basically, it's about moving your arms more than your legs.

People didn't know how to dance on dance music, now they do!
An interesting article in French, HERE
The official site, HERE

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