Thursday, August 2, 2007

Surface 2 Air Paris, design store in Paris

There is a consensus about Surface 2 Air Store Paris: people love it!!
Here are some people's opinions...
I discovered a really nice shop called surface2air. I really liked the clothes they are selling as those are very Rock'N Roll combined with classic pieces as well as little Paris Girl Robes with a romantic attidude. Beside of the clothes there was also a very nice atmosphere in the shop (combination of nice music and nice reduced decoration). From Katrin.
Another more globally fabulous option, with branches in Paris, Tokyo, New York, and São Paulo, is Surface to Air. Looks painful, but then, it’s fashion. From Yamabushi.
There are only few global entities like Surface To Air that consist of multiple outcomes and still manage to produce exciting stuff in various fields. That is to say their creative plurality operates in the interconnected fields of fashion, art, music, film, and party. From Pingmag.
Under the tutelage of their professor Jum Nakao, a respected Brazilian designer, eight students conceived and designed a collection that taught them not only about the details behind design itself but the entire process, from inception to final product in a store. From CoolHunting.

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