Thursday, August 9, 2007


A kebab vendor is creating the buzz in France! His name is Lil' Maaz, known as DJ Kebab and he is turning the music business upside down!
How the story began: a guy works in a kebab restaurant in the 18th district in Paris and he sings all day long while serving his customers. One of the customers is an employee for a studio recording, EMC, very nearby.

The rap rhythm and the lyrics intrigued the customer immediately and he decided to record a video, which also featured the restaurant’s other regulars.

Thanks to Internet and a lot of luck, the buzz spread. Now the kebab vendor has become a real rap star in France! For sure nobody could have predicted something like that, and especially not all a major record company!

Lil' Maaz used to sell dry biscuits in the streets of Turkey and now his video has been viewed thousand and thousand times.

Here are some selected lyrics:
"Hello my friend! I was born in Turkey and I have 8 brothers and 2 sisters. When I was little I sold dry biscuits in the street (...) Later on, I arrived to Paris and Oh La La, the French language it was not easy, but I worked hard and now I am well! I like much my new country but I do not forget my history, my culture and the love of the kebab! (...) Me I prefer, it’s to sing all day, when I put white sauce, ketchup, salad, tomatos, onions and the harissa. (...) My friend if you are hungry "Have a Break, Have a Greek!"

Lil’ Maaz is the American French dream coming true!

His website
His MySpace
His blog
YouTube video


dan said...

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Kebab man, did well. love the song……the words are:

MP3 : Lil’Maaz - Mange du Kebab (2007)
Titre : Lil’Maaz - Mange du Kebab
Année : 2007
Paroles :
Toute la journée je fais du kebab
Salade tomate oui c’est mon taff
Derrière le comptoir je prépare le pain
Je le caresse de mes deux mains
J’suis le rappeur du sandwich grec
Mayo, ketchup, sauce blanche, côtelettes
C’est tout un art de cuire le mouton
De faire des brochettes mais pas de cochon.
Chez nous y a des odeurs d’orient
Qui resteront sur tous tes vêtements
Des petits gateaux bien remplis d’huile
Pour digérer c’est plus facile !
Tous les jours c’est kebab party,
Y a de l’ambiance, y a de la musique
Y a des clients qui kiffent les boulettes
Et d’autres !

Mange du Kebab
Mange du Kebab
Mange du kebab
T’es chiche? Kebab !

Mange du Kebab
Mange du Kebab
Mange du kebab
T’es chiche? Kebab !

On a la classe en chemisette
Aussi sexy qu’un cheapen dell
On tourne la broche qu’est-ce qu’on transpire
Les filles aiment ça, on les ayesterday by lagon54 on L’hymne au kebab d’un vendeur du XVIIIe à Paris

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°~*Le Quartier*~° said...

Thank you for giving us the original lyrics.