Monday, July 23, 2007

Meet real French people

French people are irascible, arrogant, rude and so on...but would'nt it be wonderful to check with your own eyes and realize it's more a myth than the reality?
A website allows you to realize your ultimate dream: meeting French people. You has been advised on who they are so it's at your own risk:)
Here is how it works and we are sure you will spend a lovely night.
You are the guest of French people in their parisian homes, for dinner or lunch !
Meet Parisians who speak your language, are the same age, have the same profession, share your hobbies...
This service is based on a reciprocal participation : the parisian hosts offer you the meal's hospitality, and you as a guest order and offer the meal.

Picture:Thanks to Erwyn van der Meer

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