Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ideas on what to do in Paris during Summer

From July 17th to August 26th 2007, Parc de la Villette organizes its "Cinema en plein Air 2007".
It's a movie festival opened air, during summer only.
The program is very attractive, some of them for examples: The magnificient Ambersons, La Cérémonie, The Servant, The Remains of the Day, Pretty Woman, Matche Point...
So it's German, French, Chinese or American there is no way you cant' find one you would like!

One of the cool feature is "All the Ben&Jerry's ice-creams you can eat" for free, every friday night.
You can also rent a blanket or a deckchair if you didn't bring your own, at night.
There is a phone number you can contact, in case the sky is getting dark and you are not sure if the show is still on.

From Tuesday to Sunday, on the Prairie du Triangle
Free access
To rent a deckchair -> 6,5€
Metro station -> Porte de Pantin
Phone number 01 40 03 75 75

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